About Life as an Aussie

Welcome to Life as an Aussie! I’m Rhiannon and I started this blog back in September 2016. Originally, it was called Rhiannon Travels. A blog purely focussed on travel and nothing else. But, since we didn’t travel as much as is necessary to run a successful travel blog, I decided to rebrand into something a little different.

Life as an Aussie is a lifestyle and travel blog. Your one-stop-shop for everything an Australian needs to know on lifestyle, business and travel.

If you’re an Australian citizen – or living here permanently – you’ll find tons of guides and tips specifically for Australian based topics. For example, if you’re looking to start a small business, you’ll need information that’s for Australians – right? That’s what we thought too! Everything on this blog is written for Aussies.

If you’re travelling internationally for the first time, we also have tips and guides on how to do that. Like how much it costs to fly to major cities across the world – from Australia. How much it’ll cost to apply for your first passport. The best places to shop for travel essentials. Ya know, the most important stuff!